Why I am not taking on new clients

When the covid pandemic hit in 2020 the degree to which I could help my clients was severely impacted. After a few months, it became clear that things were not going to return to normal for quite some time. I, therefore, decided to close down my gym permanently and return to full-time education. After 17 years of training clients, this was a very tough decision to make.

As anyone who has trained with me will know, I have specialised in posture correction and helping people avoid injuries/get rid of pain. Due to this, my decision on what to do next was an obvious one. I am currently in the process of completing an integrated masters degree in Chiropractic which I am hoping to follow with a Masters in Physiotherapy. Am I done with personal training? I doubt it. I am still training a handful of clients who have been with me for many years. Due to my study workload, I am unfortunately not able to take on any new clients.

Chris Burrows

Why do I have back pain?

Most of us, at some time in our lives will suffer from back pain. For some people this pain is occasional and subsided after a couple of days. For many though, the pain is almost constant or just comes back again and again. The purpose of this post is to explain a little more about why some of us get back pain. I will also highlight how I can help you identify the cause of the problem and get rid of your back pain permanently. Read more