No matter what your goal is; be it trying to lose weight or increase your muscle mass, good nutritional habits are an essential part of the battle. Help with your nutrition is included as a integral part of the service.

My approach to your nutrition.

Part of my job as a personal trainer is to teach people more about nutrition so that they can make sensible dietary choices. Every client receives a tailored nutrition guide which provides a breakdown of what their diet should be made up of. I also provide meal ideas; check food diary’s and make alternative meal suggestions.

Your weight, level of body fat and muscle mass will also be regularly re-assessed to ensure you are making good progress.

Many people who come to me have tried exercising or dieting before and just haven’t got the results they were looking for. This had lead them to feeling like they were failures or believe there was something wrong with them. They are not and there isn’t!

They just needed all the tools and knowledge to enable them to reach their goals and maintain a healthy body.

A diet shouldn’t be a short term thing, it should be a permanent life style choice. By following the guidelines I set out for you; you will have all the tools you need to reach goals and maintain your results for the rest of your life.

Why paying attention to your nutrition is vital.

Losing body fat:

If the average person runs on a treadmill for 1 hour they will burn around 450 to 600 calories. If that week they then decide to have half a takeaway pizza, that hour on the treadmill was wasted (from a fat burning point of view).

Gaining muscle:

Contrary to popular belief, muscle don’t grow in the gym. They actually get broken down. A massive park of building muscle is maximizing recovery and therefore growth. You can’t build a temple without bricks. If your muscles aren’t getting the right nutritional ‘bricks’ they needs; when they need them, they are not going to grow.

From these two simple points above I’m sure you can see that if your nutrition isn’t right you are going to find it very difficult to reach your goal.

Crash diets don’t work.

Statistically people who follow crash or short term diets lose weight and then put it all back on again (and more). This leads to the very unhealthy and stressful pattern of yo-yo dieting.

People sometimes lose weight very quickly by following crash diets; they often lose it so quickly in fact that the weight they have lost is actually muscle and water NOT body fat. By reducing their muscle mass they have just actually made it even harder for them to lose the remaining body fat.

Unfortunately there is no magic diet, pill or shortcut to losing weight or putting on muscle if there was everyone would look like the models that grace fitness magazines.

If however, you follow the nutrition instructions I give you and provide me with accurate food diaries you will see the results you are looking for.