I can honestly say that coming to train with Chris was one of the most positive decisions of my life. I started my initial assessment with a list of postural issues the length of my arm and a shoulder impingement that meant I couldn’t lift that arm above my head without acute pain; eighteen months later and my posture is better than it has ever been and I can crank out a couple of dozen pull-ups, something that was unimaginable when I started – at the time I honestly just wanted my shoulder not to hurt anymore!

Chris does far more than falls under the usual umbrella of a personal trainer: the initial assessment alone reassured me that I was in safe hands but then the following sessions also included nutritional advice and monitoring which helped me lose 7% body fat and maintain my new weight, soft tissue massage that relieved postural pain and helped restore normal movement patterns in my shoulders, and regular changes to exercise plans ensuring my body was kept guessing and progressing physically as a result – the sessions were always just at the sharp edge of what I am capable of!
The most helpful aspect for me in the long term is the amount of knowledge that Chris has about human physiology and how to make effective long-term changes to one’s physical health and fitness, and the effort he goes to to impart that knowledge. I have learnt so much about how to train effectively, maintain a healthy body, and also how to self treat common aches and pains that I would have just ignored before, which undoubtedly lead to the problems I had in the first place!

If you’re looking for someone to help you make meaningful longterm changes to your health and fitness then Chris is definitely your man!

Pete Bartram


Chris has helped me lose near 20kg whilst training with him; and he has helped with my posture and exercise form. He is extremely knowledgeable with many exercises and rehabilitation. When I initially started I was overweight and low in confidence. However, this all changed once I had the opportunity to train with Chris. I now feel completely confident in all aspects of life and I am so much more healthier. He has helped change my life around for the better and I couldn’t recommend him enough. Definitely the best personal trainer in the Hampshire.

Tanveer S


Chris is not your typical personal trainer. He thinks outside the box. I’m frequently asked why I have travelled from Portsmouth to Southampton for the past 8 years, when there’s plenty of trainers here. I always say, why settle for a mediocre Tesco’s own Chicken Tikka Masala when I can have Michelin-starred in Southampton?!

Jason Bugg


You will get much more than just an workout program if you choose to sign up with Chris. The knowledge he will teach you about your own body and how to best look after it will last you a life time. Have wasted a lot time with nhs physio’s and doctors and got nowhere in the past. Chris was able to diagnose and help fix problems that i had, and even some i didn’t know i had. What you will learn in his sessions will not only get you fit, lose weight, gain strength etc but allow you to live a pain free active life for the rest of your days.

Dave G


Focussed training and ensures that changes are made for the right reasons and the long term.

Giles Sarton


I started training with Chris, who was recommended to me by a good friend, after the birth of my second child. I was looking to tone up and get fitter, as well as to lose those few extra pounds. Over 8 years later, Chris’ training sessions have become part of my life.

Chris is more than ‘just’ a personal trainer. He looks at the individual and develops a personalised program to fit your goals, covering nutrition, posture, exercise, toning and fitness. His sessions are interesting and challenging; he changes the programs regularly and keeps you motivated. Over the years, Chris has addressed several posture issues that I had had for years, and helped me re-train myself to minimise future problems.

He is extremely professional, yet approachable and friendly. I enjoy every session and have seen so many benefits from my training sessions with Chris. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Fiona L


 I have been training with Chris for over 9 years and he has changed my whole outlook on training and diet. I had spent years feeling like an ‘overweight skinny’ person and needed to change. I gave up smoking and started my new health regime with Chris at the helm. I am now on the slippery slope to 40, but feel at my physical peak, gaining over a stone in muscle and being at a consistent 16-18% body fat (originally 23%).

I spent years as a kid with back problems due to my bad posture – Chris soon spotted the problem and gave me the relevant program and exercises to correct it. I have to say, I have not had back problems for years and I’ve almost forgotten ever having them !! He also nursed me through a dislocated shoulder and, thanks to his patience and knowledge of the human anatomy, got me back to good health in no time.

I have always been embarrassed about training in front of other people, so his own private gym is perfect for me. Chris is an expert in his field and is constantly pushing himself to learn more in order for him to help his clients and others. I can’t imagine not training with Chris, he is just part of my lifestyle now … and I look forward to many healthy years ahead with him.

Jamie E


Over the last 17 years serving with the military has taken its toll. I am required to be functional fit and push my body beyond its limits. This had left me with injuries that were not healing. My aim on returning to the UK was to locate the best personal trainer I could to fix my injuries and re educate me on training and nutrition.

I thought I knew a fair bit about training….I didn’t. Chris stripped me back to basics on technique, nutrition and more importantly identified the reasons for the injuries AND CURED THEM.

I was with Chris for 8 months, there’s no secret formula, powder or pill just hard work based on Chris’s extensive experience and research within this field. I hit my 40th birthday and had dropped over a stone and a half and have the abdominals showing. My weight was now only 1.5kg off when I joined the Army 17 years ago!

I’m now back to my best and ready those new challenges. I will take everything Chris had taught me and continue to apply it. Chris has my highest recommendation.

Steve Dryden


I have trained with Chris for five years, and whilst he classes himself as a Personal Trainer I don’t think this does justice to the breadth and depth of the training he offers. My experience of training with Chris has covered areas from weight loss to strength training and mass building, postural correction to nutrition and thanks to his knowledge I’m a lot fitter, leaner, stronger, and pain-free from issues that had been with me for years previously.

Chris provided me with knowledgeable, detailed advice and expertise that was worked in to a regularly revised programme tailored specifically to what worked for me and my targets. His approach is top-draw in my opinion, it keeps you motivated, training enjoyable and delivers tangible results. I can honestly say from the first session I had with Chris it has been one of the best and most rewarding things I’ve done – especially those deadlifts!

I can’t recommend Chris highly enough, whatever your goals or training needs, he’s a thoroughly top bloke and it’s a pleasure to train with him.

Joshua Bingley


Having had limited success with physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropracty and more, Chris was my last resort when it came to my back pain. Please let me save you the same trouble – go and see him from the outset! He has helped me to understand why I hurt my back in the first place, corrected my posture and leg length discrepancy and given me the tools to treat my pain myself. His knowledge in this area is so specialised that it’s easy to forget he is also a ‘personal trainer’; but in addition to being in control of my back pain I am stronger, leaner and healthier than ever.

Erica Foster


If you are reading this, then you are interested in validating the professionalism of Chris Burrows. Let me tell you, by my experience, he meets his commitment to you in return for yours in him. Chris never failed me. Ever.

He undertook the most thorough physical and postural assessment that I have ever received. He looked at my diet too. The interest he extends toward you is second to none. This man is more than a personnel trainer; his advice and assistance will enhance your life. He asks nothing of you that he cannot perform himself and will demonstrate to you the correct way to perform exercise.

The attention to detail in the first weeks of your experience with him will see the start of the changes you desire, but only if you commit yourself fully. He designed an exercise and diet regimen that was appropriately challenging and he supported me every step of the way.

Having fractured my spine two years prior and having gained a few pounds, as well as having developed a poor posture through my computing intense daily work schedule, Chris met me promptly at an un-Godly hour for EVERY session.

Having established that one leg was shorter than the other, I sought a corrective orthotic and thereafter followed his advice and thinking religiously. Some of the exercises seemed odd at the time, but they have released me from discomfort and pain to a life of mobility and contentment in who I can be as I move to the next phase of my life. A reasonably fit and mobile life phase.

I moved away from Chris’s area to follow work. To lose this man’s direct service was something akin to a bereavement.

My posture today means I have no neck and arm pain, my health is excellent and as a man in my early fifties having had a major injury, I am as capable as many fit people half my age. Because Chris believed in me and I placed my faith in him. I recommend that you to do the same.

Alan Powell


I joined Chris Burrows over 16 months ago. I was two stone over weight and I hate exercise and sweating. Chris discussed my own personal lifestyle and gave me a training plan to suit. I learned to run and that became my passion.

Within a short time Chris had me motivated and the weight started to come off. I eventually got to my goal weight and now feel great. No more clothes thrown across the bedroom when I am going out, because everything fits. I feel so much happier and confident and I thank Chris for all his support and putting up with me.

Gina Raynor


I started working out with Chris in August 2008 and by the spring of 2009 I had already lost over 6 STONE.

He set me on the right course by showing me how to eat a lot healthier and helped me set realistic targets for the weeks, months and even years ahead. But most of all he is a top bloke and I recommend him greatly. Sadly had to end our training due to money problems but will be back later in the year with a little bit of luck.  Thanks for all your help Chris.

Paul Le Ray


Chris has been training with me so I could gain entry in to the Royal Air Force. Since starting training with Chris I have noticed a marked improvement in my level of fitness and endurance. He is friendly, helpful and tries to make training as painless as  possible.

Nicole Waters


I first joined Chris about a year ago and it’s fair to say my body was wrecked with football and weight training injuries; it was so bad even the stretches hurt. Since training with Chris I’ve changed my training habits and have learned to train the ‘correct way’ (Chris’ words!).

My body fat is down, I no longer struggle to do the simplest tasks and am forever being pushed (as I wanted) to reach my goals.

I would recommend Chris to anyone and everyone the training is spot on!

Thanks Mate

Rick Vincent


“I feel so much more energetic before noon now. The morning exercises with Chris give me a boost for the whole day and I’m really enjoying the versatility of the programs he designs”

Susan Arnell


I have been working out with Chris since Easter 2006. Chris assessed me and I started off with an excellent cardio score but was horrified to be told I had a body fat level of 33%. I had been taking blood pressure tablets for quite a while and it was confirmed during my fitness tests that I was still “High Normal”. I have always been reasonably cardiovascularly fit as I ride my Mountain Bike to work and back – some 10 miles per day, but my overall core and upper body strength has always been quite poor.

Chris put me on his special nutrition & work out plan & I have been following it ever since. I have lost 1 stone in weight which has reduced my overall body fat percentage from 33% to 24% and I feel great for it. I really enjoy the workouts in Chris’s new gym and am finding that I am becoming quite strong which is a feeling I have never had in 52 years!

My blood pressure has been reduced so much that I no longer take the blood pressure tablets. I am have been amazed at Chris’s knowledge of nutrition; anatomy and overall body well being. Chris has never put me into any exercise that would put me at risk and thus he has given me great confidence in tackling exercises I thought would be beyond me.

Thanks Chris and keep up the excellent work.

Paul Staley


In Chris you don’t just get a trainer who stands there and ‘spots’ you, who get someone whose knowledge of nutrition and the body means he is able to help with whatever goals you have, and advise accordingly.

He looks at things you may not even have thought about, in a year all my posture problems were sorted. He is friendly and professional, and pushes you hard but in a sneaky way, without you realising it at the time (instead of just shouting at you like some trainers!)

The private gym is well equipped and means in an hour you can get a really good workout without waiting for equipment.

Neil Shorter


Chris has helped put me on a journey that will literally change my life for the better.  His expertise & enthusiasm has been invaluable & without him I believe that I would still just be talking about getting fit & getting muscles for years to come – now it’s a reality.

The only reason I stopped seeing him was because I moved cities, I’d have taken him with him if that was possible!  Thanks Chris.

Stephen Vieira


I would not hesitate in recommending Chris as a personal trainer. He is motivational, experienced and importantly for me, good fun to work with.

I have experienced fantastic results. A year on, I’m fitter, leaner and enjoy my training sessions more than ever.

His exercise programs are varied, challenging and get results where you want them. He understands your goals and creates exercise programs to suit. The gym itself is also great, not at all intimidating and makes training easier.

If you want to enjoy training whilst reaching your fitness goals, book Chris. You won’t regret it.

Lisa Alexander  Fitness Model and Marathon Runner


I am writing to tell you that working with you for the past year has made a huge difference to my fitness levels and my understanding of exercise and nutrition. I thought I knew a lot about these subjects but you are an expert and I now feel confident about my technique and abilities.

You have taught me that I do not need to starve myself to lose weight and the importance of flexibility with regards to weight training. You are totally professional and committed to what you do and having worked with other trainers I can say that you are an outstanding trainer.

I feel you have given me the knowledge and confidence that I need to continue progressing and any new clients that you take on are very lucky to have you.

Kind regards

Vanessa Blake