Exercise Program Design

I’ve never been a big fan of generic exercise routines…..

I often see set routines (aka programs) on cards in gyms, magazines or posted on the internet. A lot of trainers use these kind of routines with their customers. Quite honestly, I think this is a bit lazy and people deserve more than this.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I do believe, that there is a place for set routines. Exercise classes such as Zumba™ or aerobics are great as they get everyone moving and burning some calories. However, when it comes to set flexibility or resistance based routines/classes, I’m not such a big fan.

In my opinion, there are just too many variables to use a ‘One Size Fits All’ routine for everyone. I’ve also met too many people who have hurt themselves doing these type of routines over the years. People’s physical capabilities can vary enormously. Factors such as flexibility, physical awareness, previous level of activity and even old injuries all dictate someone’s ability to perform exercises or stretches correctly.

If you repeatedly perform an exercise incorrectly you simply won’t get much out of doing it. In addition, your risk of injury goes through the roof. Performing hundreds of dodgy squats will not strengthen or tone your bum, it will just trash your knees.

Sure, we can get away with inappropriate or badly done exercises for a while. Sooner or later though, something has to give and nothing slows down progress like an injury.

My approach to exercise program design

I believe that personal training should be just that… personalised training. Every exercise program I write is individually tailored to suit the specific needs of the customer. New customers and even other trainers are often surprised when they realise just how much time I put in to exercise program design.

The type, difficulty, duration and even order of exercises and stretches is customised to fit you. Sometimes, exercises or stretches may even be invented specially for you.

Your goal is the most important aspect to me. Therefore, the exercise program is primarily structured to help you accomplish your specific goal. In addition, I will also help you take care of your long term health by showing you how to correct errors in your movement and fix problems before injuries develop.

Your progress is also consciously monitored and programs updated and rewritten regularly. This helps to ensure that you are making good progress and also stops you getting bored.

I view this process both as investment in my customers’ long term health and a way of ensuring consistent progress.