Personal Training

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced exerciser or have never been in a gym before. From the moment you first step into my gym, my sole focus is on helping you reach your goals and maintain the results!

When it comes to exercise and nutrition, the media is awash with quick fixes and miracle cures. As a personal trainer, I have spent the last ten years separating fact from fiction and what works from what doesn’t.

Whatever your goal is, be it, reducing body fat, increasing muscle  mass or getting rid of pain. What you do outside the gym is just as important as what you do inside it. Your nutrition, work life, hobbies, sleep patterns and postural habits are an integral part of what makes your body the way it is.

For this reason I give advice that covers all these areas. I endeavor to make our time together a learning experience which will help you work towards your goals even when you are out of the gym.

Everything listed below is included as part of the service:

Regularly updated Exercise Programs That Are Individually Tailored To You.

Initial Fitness & Postural Assessment.

One To One Personal Training In My Private Gym.

Home/Gym Exercise Plans.

Nutrition Plans – Learn How To Control Your Weight For The Rest Of Your Life.

Posture Correction & Help With Injuries.

Sports Massage.

Learn How To Prevent Injuries And Fix Your Own Aches And Pains